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The following segment originally aired on the November 3rd, 2011 show on BrandStar Entertainment’s morning TV show, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.  The featured guest was Reverend Kim Brewer, of “Daybreak.”

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  At some point in all of our lives, we have felt the sense of defeat, or the desire to give up but then comes a moment to think big, overcome and rise to the occasion.  Reverend Kim Brewer, author of “Daybreak,” talks about her inspiring book that encourages you to hold on—and never give up.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  You’ve written several books that really hone in on hope and inspiration.

Kim:  It’s very important to me to write these books of hope.  I’ve been preaching, teaching and traveling for over 18-years.  I’m the pastor of Hope Fellowship Christian Center and we believe in hope, helping other people excel, especially in the times that we’re living in now.  We need hope more than ever.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  With the economy the way it is, when you are travelling do you feel now more than ever, people are looking for that hope—and they look toward you?

Kim:  Yes, more than ever because in the times that we live in, everybody goes through different things.  We all face things that can break us down, but I have a positive mind-set that we can break through.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  Why did you choose to title your latest book, Daybreak?

Kim:  Daybreak—it’s a new start, it’s a new beginning.  It gives you that fresh start so that your past doesn’t have to be your present—and your future could be greater.  It’s like it gives your hope that every day is a potential that can better than the day before.  Nobody wants to feel like a loser.  Be in the winner’s circle—that’s my thing.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  There’s a part of the book that talks about peace– and you really break it down.

Kim:  Peace, it’s like placing everything at Christ’s everlasting feet, meaning—that you have to let things go.  Sometimes we hold on to things that aren’t good for us, but we have to have a mind-set that, “I can let it go, I can bounce back, I can get back up again with that energy.”

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  How did you break down the word PEACE?

Kim:  Placing Everything At Christ’s Everlasting feet.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  You also stress the words, “Leap Not Sleep.”

Kim:  I chose leap versus sleep because when we think about our lives and the things we go through, a lot of us just want to quit.  Sleep is like you’re dormant.  You’re dead, but when you leap—you have that energy that you can jump and move forward instead of backwards.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  There are so many books out for inspiration and hope, what sets this apart from the others?

Kim:  What makes this book different is that when I wrote it, I wrote it in reality that we’re all going to go through something.  It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, everybody has a challenge.  You don’t have to allow your challenge to stop you and you don’t have to let your discouragement stop your destiny.  You can get up and try again.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  What about for someone who’s really tried to overcome their obstacles.  They’ve read books, sought help, but they’re still in a bad place.  What would you tell someone that says, “I just can’t.”

Kim:  I’d tell them what I live by; that quitters never win, but winners never quit—just keep on moving.  In the day we live in, we have to tell people that we’ve been there, but we CAN get back up again.

BrandStar Entertainment – The Balancing Act on Lifetime:  If you’d like to read the book, “Daybreak,” just go to

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